Easy 3 Steps


Place your order and Send your books

  • Order and Pay

    Go online and place your order. Follow instructions and proceed to payment.

  • Pack and Send

    Pack and send to (Include email confirmation receipt and signed User Agreement)
    Please do not use packing peanuts. They are crushed into piecese and gotten into between pages in mail. Very hard to get rid of them and it caused a bad scanning result.

  • Receive at 1DollarScan

    We confirm everything we receive. (Quantity, Set and condition of the order)


We Scan and Digitize your books

  • Cut the Spine

    We cut the spine up to approx. 0.5 inches.

  • Scan and Digitize

    Carefully scan and digitize. OCR is added in this process.

  • Quality Check

    We check the quality of the scan.


We Deliver the file. You enjoy your ebook.

  • Deliver

    We deliver your PDF files and you can download them at your "MyPage" when you login.

  • Recycle

    All paper is Recycled(Disposed) after 2 weeks unless you request for a re-scan.

  • Access your content

    Access your content anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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We Recycle All Books That We Scan

At 1DollarScan, it is part of our process to recycle all books and materials after we scan them. We store the books for 14 days after we deliver the files to the customer. We fill the bins with books and have a recycling company pick them up. Here is a picture of some of our bins at our operation during the process.


Our partner for this operation is International Paper. They are a leading company in the industry that specializes in creating and recycling paper. They have been a big help to us ever since 2011 and are an essential part of our operation process.


Ms. Donna Jay from International Paper invited us to tour the facility in Fremont, Ca. that processes our orders. When we entered their large warehouse we were required to wear a safety helmet, gloves, ear plugs and vests. Inside the facility forklifts and machinery transported, sorted and shredded paper at all times.

When the paper is compressed, their bins can easily weigh as much as 1400 pounds. We saw for ourselves that that all items are destroyed. After 1DollarScan's books and papers are shredded and sorted, they are sent to a paper mill where the materials are recycled into paper products.

International Paper is very open about their process and very secure in their operations. Because of this we are not allowed to take pictures of these operations from inside of their plant.

At 1DollarScan, it is our duty and procedure to recycle everything that we scan and we are happy to know that the books that we scan are recycled and reused into new materials.

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