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1Automatic Upload

When your order delivered, its order info will be uploaded to Evernote, including

- Book Title (File name)
- Number of books and sets
- Download URL
- Total amount you paid
- Order Confirmation Number
- Request date and Scan date
- Thumbnail of books [*1]

2Upload Fine Tune Files

Automatic Upload just after Fine Tune completed. [*2]
- Up to 50MB of each file for Evernote Premium Users [*3]
- Up to 25MB of each file for Evernote Regular Users [*3]

What is FINE TUNE ?

3Enjoy your ebook reading

Enjoy eBook reading on Evernote Client Anytime, Anywhere on Any device

1 Account Settings

At 1dollarscan MyPage, you can set up Evernote Account. When you click "Set Up Account", you will access the Sign In page at Evernote.

Account Settings

2 Upload Fine Tuned files

f you have already set up your Evernote Account(1. above), every time you request Fine Tune, the Fine Tuned file will be uploaded into your Evernote Account automatically.

Upload Fine Tune files


  • Users need to request Fine Tune for each book in order to upload the Fine Tuned file to their box Account. If requesting Fine Tune for multiple files at once, those Fine Tuned files will not be uploaded.
  • Please make sure that you have enough storage size for your Box Account.
  • The allowed file size after Fine Tune for each Box user depends on which Box Plan they are using. Box says free users may upload files up to 250MB.
  • Please see the for any other limitations.
  • Files are for personal use only and not for sharing.
  • As there are many factors involved for this feature, it's possible that there can be issues. Please try to request the file again if the upload does not happen.

This is just the beginning and we plan to improve these features soon!