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Have you heard about Media Mail from USPS?

Media Mail is very cheap and is perfectly appropriate for sending books. The USPS website says that a Media Mail package will be delivered in 2 to 8 days. Many of our customers use Media Mail when they send their books. It is one of the cheapest ways to send mail. Of course they have some other cheap options worth investigating like Flat Rate as well. You may want to ask them to compare prices of course if you use USPS.

Many people are still not aware of our Option. This link explains more about our Amazon Direct Option and gives links to many popular online bookstores that we receive orders from, however, we accept the Amazon Direct Option from any online bookstore or online retailer.

Many of our customers order new and used books from online bookstores everyday and have them sent to 1DollarScan. Some users have told us that they are a member of Amazon's service called Amazon Prime where shipping is free. If you have one of the memberships with us and an Amazon Prime Membership with Amazon, then you should have no shipping costs or any other additional costs when ordering books from Amazon and having them sent directly to us.

Sometimes we receive books that are skewed. If you examine your own book collection closely, there is a good chance that you will find that some of your books were not printed correctly.

Sometimes the book is assembled crooked, sometimes it's printed at a slight angle. Sometimes the skew is subtle and sometimes it's quite off. We can actually correct that if you choose our High Quality Touch Up Option (HQT). You can see a detailed page about angle correction with samples on our . It may make e-reading more enjoyable for you. You can also see more options like High Quality Scanning on our

Quite often, the memberships that we offer are the cheapest way to go. If you are ordering more than one book, then the memberships are worth investigating.

The memberships are monthly and have no long term commitments. Only the initial month that you first sign up is required. You simply pay for one month at a time. A membership may make it easier and cheaper for you to send much more books at once and cut down on shipping. The memberships include most options except for the High Quality Options.

The memberships include priority scanning, free Amazon Direct, free OCR, and other features as well. Currently we have a Platinum Membership (100 sets per month) and the Platinum Lite Membership (10 sets per month). The memberships have many great features and have been popular with many of our customers. To learn more about the two memberships you can click

You can check the status of your USPS Package by entering your USPS tracking code below.

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