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1DollarScan is very excited to be new partners with AirTurn!
We will be working more with AirTurn to try to improve usability especially for musicians and those that need wireless page turning.

AirTurn is a very helpful service that many of our users have informed us about. Their company has developed several devices for anyone needing wireless methods to turn pages or advance forward in a document or presentation.

Some of our users have been scanning sheet music with 1DollarScan while using Airturn's hardware as a wireless page turner for their iPads, Mac & PC computers, and Android tablets while they play music. Digital sheet music is becoming more popular and the combination of the two services are proving most helpful to many users.

Many musicians who have scanned their sheet music or who use a digital device to read their music have run into the problem of turning pages in the middle of a song. This is where AirTurn comes in! For musicians, AirTurn provides a foot controller to turn digital sheet music pages. We will be sharing more use cases and tips soon for some of AirTurn's products while using 1DollarScan!

You can check out AirTurn's website here.

AirTurn Co-Founder Hugh Sung wrote a book titled "From Paper To Pixels". That offers some great tips for musicians who want to go digital. You can see more about his book here: