Lee Rosen

Lee Rosen goes paperless and runs his law businesses with 1DollarScan and some other tech-savy ways.

"It’s great it makes our work so much easier."

Lee Rosen is a very witty and intelligent lawyer who mentioned us on one of his websites where he gives lots of great tips on going paperless, we really recommend visiting his site and reading the interview below.

Rosen has practiced family law for more than twenty years with four offices. Law Practice Management Editor of the ABA Family Advocate and recipient of the ABA James Keane Award for excellence in eLawyering. He served as Chair of the Law Practice Management Section of the North Carolina Bar Association, is a frequent speaker and is often sought out by the media as a source of family law insight and commentary.

How many books have you scanned?

About a couple 100. I started with personal things then we started shipping things from the office and now we basically have have no books left.

What got you into family law in the first place?

I’ve practiced law for 25 years. My grandfather and father were both lawyers so it was a family thing. I didn't know what’d I'd practice and one thing led to another then I discovered family law. fascinating helping people it's like never a dull moment.

How do you feel about going paperless?

I went paperless about 15 years ago, books were the only things we had left. We got used to the efficiency about 2 years allowing people to work remotely from home. People used to have to drive all the way to the office to research from these law books.

We also use a service called Netdocuments that houses all of our scanned images for clients.
I want the tech to work for the benefit of the customers. Now that people from all 4 offices can access the books from one central location, we can save money so we can save our customers money, everyone wins.

As a lawyer do you feel about using 1DollarScan?

It’s great it makes our work so much easier. I've been working from a coffee shop this morning. If I need something it's all instant. I used to have to drive over to the office and it was often hidden somewhere.

Lee Rosen has a lot of experience with family law and a great sense of humor. We recommend checking out his site where he gives advice on managing a small business and going paperless and your can see his family law practice here at

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