Dr.Michael Lissack

Dr. Michael Lissack is creating a very large digital library.

"Without 1DollarScan, My Life Would Be Impossible!"

We had the luxury of sitting down with Michael Lissack who is a well-known entrepreneur, academic, and realtor. He is the director of the Institute for the Study of Coherence and Emergence (ISCE) as well as the founding editor emeritus of ISCE's journal, Emergence.

Dr. Lissack is also the founder and chairman of Knowledge Ventures Inc. Worth magazine recognized Dr. Lissack in 1999 as one of "Wall Street's 25 Smartest Players" and again in 2001 as one of the 100 Americans who have most influenced “how we think about money. In this interview we ask Lissask to share his opinions on book scanning as a service, as an author, and his opinions about book scanning in relation to copyright.

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Michael Lissack is the author of several books on complexity.
Thanks a lot for meeting with us today.

I'm glad, you guys are important to me.

We're glad to finally meet you and we really appreciate the fact that you have been a fan of ours since we
launched our services in August of last year. You are our most important customer.

Without you guys I couldn't do what I'm doing.

When did you become interested in book scanning?

This is nothing new to me. You have to realize that I've been doing this a long time. I used to pay students to help me cut the books and we would feed the pages into a high speed scanner years ago, which was about 20 pages a minute. It wasn't worth the trouble and after a while I'd say, "forget it!"

How did you first hear about 1dollarscan?

I first heard about your guys from a tech news site. I knew I had to try it out.

What are you using our service for?

I have created an online library for students to research. After I get the PDF files from you guys, I shrink them down to make them really small. Then we have a process where we upload the files to our website to make them searchable.

People are only allowed to check out the books for 2 hours at a time and they are not able to download and print the book. We are constantly adding new books to the library and this is all within Fair Use. I think many authors could use your service to scan lots of books so they can easily search to see if they are accidentally plagiarizing any other authors.

Just how many books have you scanned with us?

You must know right? Over 1,000 books. That's a lot of books! I've been a platinum member for a while now.

Do you have any more books left at home?

No. I have nothing left of my original books, I sent them all to you. I keep the platinum membership and keep sending through Amazon to keep adding to my digital library. I don't just add any book though, I filter them out.

Before us, how much space did your physical library take up?

A regular sized room. The books were all in boxes so now I have an extra room!

How do you feel about 1DollarScan's service in relation to Fair Use?

You are engaging in transformation, then the books are recycled. Anyone can easily do what you are doing. That part's not hard. You guys are just convenience and quality control. It is within Fair Use.

And you feel that what you are doing is Fair Use as well?

Yeah of course. We are creating an environment that would be the same as if they were studying in a library for research where they can only check out a book for a 2 hour period. Everything I do is within Fair Use.

How do you feel about 1DollarScan and book scanning as an author?

Why would I feel bad? I love it. Without you guys my life would be impossible. I couldn't do my work without you guys. There, you can say it in big letters, “Without 1DollarScan my life would be impossible!” I'm serious you guys are essential to what I'm doing.

Thank you very much!!

We felt very fortunate to speak with Michael Lissack. He shared many interesting stories with us that were simply too much to fit into this interview.

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