Marguerite Darlington

Marguerite Darlington is the author of the mystery novel "Movie Star Money"

"I Like the Idea that I Can Put My Entire Library in My Purse and Take It With Me"

We were privileged enough to interview Marguerite Darlington who is an author and writer in several different industries. She's another very interesting person that was using 1DollarScan so we didn't want to miss the opportunity to talk with her.

Darlington is working on follow up to her book "Movie Star Money" Get the paper back of Movie Star Money here
Tell us a little about yourself and your writing.

I'm a professional journalist that's worked a lot in marketing and I've self published a mystery book called "Movie Star Money". I've been writing since high school. I wrote nonfiction for a local free paper and that lead to magazine and newspaper articles. I worked at the New York Times Marketing Services department for a while. It was a union job, which is often unheard of in New York advertising, and we got to leave at 5 everyday. I loved working there, but I was there was September 11th and our building was quarantined for anthrax and it was a bit much. I figured it was a good time to leave and try something new and I moved to the West Coast.

Where is your focus now?

I'm very focused on finishing the second book of my mystery series, book two of three. I'm actually outlining my third book as well.

We see also that you and your husband have a technology blog with some pretty fascinating stories, what motivated you to do that? was originally my husband's idea, we actually have a brisk Twitterfeed for it as well. There are so many new developments in technology and we were inspired due to the lack of main stream coverage on it. We believe that there are a lot of opportunities for positive changes with green energy technology, medical discoveries, etc. This was a way to start cataloging all the things that we have been finding.

Why do you use 1DollarScan?

I read it on a blog and I thought the service sounded amazing. My husband and I have a ton of books. We're really avid readers, he even used to work at Amazon. I had a lot of textbooks and I thought, “Wow, I can have all my textbooks scanned and don't have to mess with an index and everything is searchable.” I got addicted and we still have a lot of books to scan. It looks like we've been using the Platinum Membership for about a year now.

How many books have you scanned us?

Well, 10,000 pages a month so a lot. We're book people. I grew up in a house with lots of books, my mom was a librarian. I bought her a kindle and said, “Look mom you can hold 5,000 books”, but she still orders regular books. She's addicted, her house is overflowing with books.

How do you feel about book scanning?

I think it's absolutely amazing. I like the idea that I can put my entire library in my purse and take it with me. You keep most books because you love them, but it turns out that a lot of the time you just love the content. There are certain books, however that I wouldn't scan that are special to keep, but most of the books, especially reference books are great to have digitized.

Is there anything else that you want us to know?

I think you guys do a great job! My husband once left a paycheck stub in a book, and whoever found it sent it back to him with a nice letter and a couple sheets of origami paper. It was nicest thing, really caring, which is something that is sometimes missing in business these days.

Marguerite Darlington's paperback novel can be found here.

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