Interviews and Testimonials

Dr. Michael Lissack

Dr. Michael Lissack has diverse experience in finance and has created an online library for researchers and the public. He has also written several books.

Dr.AndreW Morriss

Dr.Andrew Morriss teaches at the University of Alabama School of Law and has contributes his experience all over the world.

Marguerite Darlington

Marguerite Darlington is an author and a versatile writer in several industries. She also runs an interesting website about new technology.

Ayman Abdel-Rahman

Ayman Abdel-Rahman helped create a self-publishing tool called BookBake and talks about the ebook market overseas.

John Zuckerman

Mr. John Zuckerman is the Vice President of Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, the largest auction house for rare stamps and postal history.

Ana Mardoll

Ana Mardoll is an author with a very interesting story herself. She shares the motivation for her writing and why she uses 1DollarScan.

Dr. Joseph Nagler

Joseph Nagler is an accomplished musician, professor, researcher and a 1DollarScan user.

Susan Chehak

Susan Chehak is an author that has used 1DollarScan and helps to republish great authors in the modern publishing era.

Lee Rosen

Lee Rosen goes paperless and runs his law businesses with 1DollarScan and some other tech-savy ways.

Customer’s Voice


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