Voice of Customer

  • G.B.

    I am DELIGHTED with the results of your service! The four issues of my society's 2007 quarterly newsletter were quickly scanned into PDF documents fully searchable because they were also OCR scanned! Now I don't have to laboriously prepare a manual index! Well Done 1dollarscan! I'm going to use and recommend your service!

  • C.H.

    I really did not have any idea what to think when I sent my first two books just to try the service. I thought it was just a basic scanning service. I received my link relatively quick, in a week. I checked both of my books on various screen sizes and various quality screens and I really think quality is really good. I will be using this service a lot and for a dollar it's basically nothing! OCR feature is definitely appreciated and useful. It is time to save shelf space and carry all my books with me! Thank you.

  • M. G.

    Very pleased with the results and exprience at 1Dollarscan. They scanned ~150 math, science and engineering books for me : loaded with detailed figures, equations and text. The scan quality was excellent. Tony and his team were clear and quick in answering any questions that I had. This was my first time using a book scanning service. I had some initial hesitation in taking all these valuable (to me, anyways) books in for scanning. I couldn't be happier with the results. Thanks, Tony & team at 1Dollarscan!

  • C

    This Place is awesone... this is a real business with nice owners (who I've actually met after dropping off books). They promptly respond to email questions. When I first tried the sercive, I mailed in just one book to check it out. After sending in 200 books... I have to say I'm impressed with the quality and the price! I recommend maybe trying some the different options available just to see what they are like. The ability to electromically search for a word and quickly look something is amazing.

  • H Publisher

    We are an international magazine publisher and we had a small library of books to scan. After sifting out the books that could be found in digital form elsewhere. We had about 2200 books to scan. Many of our books were quite old and deteriorating (we're in the subtropics) and many were in other languages. We had books in any size you can imagine and every state of dilapidation you can think of. A few were unscannable, which is understandable, they were really falling apart. We got the platinum membership, mainly for the automatic inclusion of OCR. Having our library scanned is a great boon because we previously had a library that was not really usable. As in, no one would bother spending the time to search through physical books to utilize the wealthe of information that was there.