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Offers Scanning Solutions For Business

We offer scanning solutions for more than just the average digital reader.
We can create an affordable custom plan to complete your project and goals.
If you need help with a type of project not listed on our pages then please contact us at for custom rates and plans specific for your project.


We will scan your book so that you can have your paper copies archived. This is great if you do not have a digital file of your paper book and need to have it converted digitally into formats such as PDF, rtf(word), txt epub, etc.

Many publishers contact us to have their old paper collection of books digitally transformed in order to archive and/or sell as an eBook. We are also planning to provide the analysis data of scanned books to Publishers in order to help their marketing activities.

  • - Archive/Preserve Old Paper Collections
  • - Digitize Paper Books that don't exist digitally
  • - Create and Sell eBooks
  • - Provide the Analysis Data of Scanned Books

We honor the Copyright of Publishers. Please see our page for

Authors and Self Publishers

If you are an author that needs to have a physical book digitally converted then we offer a solution to you. You can help you create a professional ebook from your paper book where we can deliver it into various formats for you to sell and promote into the ebook market.

If you need to edit the paper book that you own or publish, it is now possible. With our new service we can also help promote your newly converted book. Take note that we can scan manuscripts as well.

  • - Digitize the work you have previously published
  • - Create an eBook for your new work
  • - Promote your Book/eBook

We honor the Copyright of Publishers. Please see our page for

Online Book Stores

There are lots of paper books still being made and a huge demand for many books to become digital. As the demand for digital books grow, we can collaborate and help to expand your business. You can now offer more services than the average online bookstore.

  • - Gather more customers
  • - Create business growth
  • - Collaborate to offer new services

eBook Service Provider

If you need to utilize a digital file for your business then we can help you. We provide scanning services for all kinds of eBook value added service providers, ebook application service providers for ebooks and more.

  • - Digitize paper books for research or customers
  • - Expand your potential market
  • - Promote and Collaborate


If you have a business with lots of documents and need to go paperless then we can help by digitizing those for you, then you can save space and search for the content of your files digitally. Archive/Preserve books and documents in your company. We also love to collaborate with other businesses providing similar solutions to us as well. We have helped many businesses of all kinds accomplish their goals through the solutions by 1DollarScan.

  • - Digitize books and documents in your company
  • - Search the content of your files digitally
  • - Preserve your digital files in our storage

For Publishers and Authors