$1.2per Set

Please refer below to get basic ideas for non-book scanning and contact us for more details.


10 pages = 1 set

Less than 10 pages rounded up to 1 set

Basically an item without an ISBN number would fall into the "Document category" such as Thesis, Application, etc.
Often Document doesn't bound with glue
Staples, attachments such as sticky notes must be removed
No folded pages please

Recommneded options = HQT, Express

sample Document link


50 pages = 1 set

less than 50 pages are rounded up to 1 set
126 page yearbook = 3 sets
62 page yearbook =2 sets

If you need hardcover scanning, please contact us

Recommnded options = HQS 600 dpi color, HQT and Express


5 photos = 1 set

Photos are scanned in 600 dpi Color JPEG.

Recommended option = Express

sample Photo link

Business Cards

5 business cards = 1 set

Size smaller than 3.5" x 2" cannot be scanned

Recommended options = HQT, Express

sample Business Cards link

Greeting cards

1 greeting card = 1 set

Recommended option = HQS 600 dpi Color, Express

sample Greeting Card link