Limitation Notice

Unscannable books

We cannot scan any books below.

Please DO NOT send any material published by the below publishers. If we receive the above material, we will send it back by the customer’s expense.

1) Books published by "McGraw Hill".

2) Books published by "CENGAGE LEARNING" with publisher codes 337, 4018, 4080, 4354, 5358.

3) Books published by “Pearson” brand and Addison-Wesley, Allyn & Bacon, Certiport, Merrill, and New Riders.
The publisher codes are 201, 205, 582, 672,7339, 7357, 7491, 7897, 8013, 8053, 8465

How to check the publisher codes.

1) Check ISBN.

2) Publisher code usually comes after “978-0 or 1 (or other group codes)” of 13-digit ISBN
Or after 0 or 1(or other group codes) of 10-digit ISBN.

- If 13-digit ISBN is “978-0-201-12345-6” then the publisher code is “201”
- If 10-digit ISBN is “0-201-12345-6“ then then the publisher code is “201”

You may refer to the links below.

If you are not sure about your books or have any questions, please email to info@1dollarscan with the book title(s) and ISBN(s) BEFORE you send.
We are sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.