Our openness to work and collaborate with libraries.

and Your Library

Our mission is to help people, small businesses, students, researchers, scholars, and the general public digitize, preserve, archive, and access existing content digitally as well as cut down costs and create revenue.

We know that there are many new challenges in the library world. We believe that by working together we can create new solutions for your library as we are the most affordable book scanning service in the world.

and Digitize

We can help you add more content to your digital Index and scan just about any book or document.


We can add searchable text to your scanned books, for internal or external use within a database or other indexing uses.


You can save lots of space after the books are scanned.


You can allow us to advertise with you easily and create profit. Or use our solutions to cut down library costs.

We believe that there are even many more ways to work together as the demand for digital content increases. 1Dollarscan can help offer solutions for your library.

We would like to work together with your library no matter how big or small and are always open to new ideas for any type of promotion or collaboration.