How To Send

Tips about how to send and prepare your package.

How To Send and Prepare Your Package

This page has very detailed tips and instructions for preparing your package.
For your convenience, here is our receiving address to copy and paste:


2470 Winchester Blvd STE A

Campbell, CA 95008

Phone :(669)212-0185

SENDING A PACKAGE YOURSELF (not from an online bookstore)

Here's an example label using the name "Frank Williams". Filling the label this way is preferred:

(From An Online Bookstore or Online Seller)

Here's an example label when ordering from an online bookstore using our Amazon Direct Option: (Each bookstore has a different interface for entering shipping information, this is simply a preferred way.)


1. Please put our name at the top: 1dollarscan 2. Then your name next to ours or right below ours- Ex: c/o Frank Williams. 3. Our Address: 2470 Winchester Blvd STE A Campbell, CA 95008 4. Our Telephone Number if needed: (669)212-0185 (We do not offer phone support at this time, but some shipping companies require it.) 5. The first 2 parts of your Order Confirmation Number, i.e. (Note : 1234-23456) if your order number is 1234-23456-48-1-1-0, on the box or label where we can easily see it - Unless you are a Platinum or Platinum Lite Member, then no order number is needed. Just your ID number next to you name or in the "Address 2 Line" if you are ordering a book from a website.


We simply want to identify that the package and books are from you when it arrives at our warehouse. Each online bookstore has their own web form, but please utilize the "Address 2" box or similar box on the website that you order from. (Our Amazon Direct Option is an option that allows you to order a book through an online bookstore. You can read more about that option here:


Prepare your package securely. Be careful when using old boxes as books are very heavy and often rip through old cardboard. A poorly prepared package can arrive at our office with damaged or with missing books. Below is an example of a box that looks secure, because the box is not old and the box has been taped securely.

Below is some actual pictures of boxes we received from the shipping companies that are damaged. They are an example of what can happen during shipment due to old cardboard and lack of proper tape.

We do not want your box damaged. We highly encourage you to package your box securely and strongly. Also we recommend purchasing tracking and/or insurance when you send your package through the shipping service that you use. Many services like USPS may give you a free box if you ask.

Also, do you know about Media Mail from USPS? This may be the cheapest way to send books. Please note that USPS does accept books as media mail, but many users say Media Mail cannot be used for magazines. USPS also tells us that you cannot use a Priority Mail Box or other special marked boxes from USPS for media mail. You can read more about media mail here:

We happily accept drop-offs to save money on shipping. Just please make sure to e-mail us first at We want to make sure that we are prepared to receive your order. Also, if you have a large order of books and are not sure how to handle the order, then we can help you through the above email address as well.

If you want to drop-off, then please make sure that you have at least signed up first (Sign-up page here ). Even though you are not using a shipping company to mail your package when you drop-off, please write the same information on the box as if you were going to send in an order to help us organize your order. If it is your first time, please make sure to fill out your user agreement form as well. Please place your order before you drop-off unless you have already signed up to be a Platinum or Platinum Lite Member, then you do not need to place an order.

We highly encourage you to buy tracking from the shipping service you use. If things seem to be taking a while, please track your package before contacting us. If you ordered through USPS, then you can check the status of your USPS Package by entering your USPS tracking code below:

Tracking Number
If you have any other questions then please visit our FAQ Page or contact: