We make every paper
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Begining of Our Story

Our friend had more than 2,500 books in his Tokyo apartment, so he scanned them all into his iPad.
Then, we noticed people who lives in small room wants to digitize their books like our friend and starter book scanning business.
The Book Scanning Business developed in Japan and has grown to be quite popular across the world. As significant inquires grew worldwide we established zLibro, Inc. and launched 1dollarscan services with the proven technological advantages in order to provide the same service here in the US.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people, small businesses, students / researchers / scholars, and the general public digitize, preserve, archive, and access existing content digitally. We honor the copyright of Publishers and Authors and hope to establish a close relationship to expand the eBook market furthermore. We make everything digital with Japan quality.

What We Do

Since 2011, 1dollarscan has been located at Silicon Valley in Northern California and working with individual customers, startup companies, publishers, authors, libraries, Universities and government agencies.
Through innovative technology solutions and the best practices, we are able to create most affordable service, but in the best quality in the book scanning field.

zLibro, Inc.

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