We Scan BOOKS.

Make everything digital for all book lovers.
Read your books anytime, anywhere on your computer, tablet or smart phone.

Keep your precious Memories

Your photos can be preserved by converting them digitally and shared with your friends and family.

Can you find eBook?

If you can't find a digital version at any online bookstore,
you can use our "Amazon Direct" Option to order a physical book
from any online bookstore to us where the book is digitized and delivered to you.

Say Good-bye
Heavy Textbooks

Now you can carry all of your textbooks on your computer or digital tablet. Also, by adding OCR you can search through your books to find exact content when you are studying or researching.

Rebirth your Books

Instead of typing every word,
we can scan your physical book and deliver you an editable file to prepare your book
for the eBook market where you can sell it all over the world.
We have helped many authors and publishers repeatedly use our service for this purpose.

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Mail your books or schedule a drop-off

To: 1dollarscan

2470 Winchester Blvd STE A Campbell, CA 95008

If you want to drop off a package in person, then please contact

3 Easy Steps

Send your books

Scan and Digitize

Enjoy your ebooks

Why would you use our service to make your books digital?

Always Available

Transform your books and documents so that you can access them anytime, anywhere. No more need to carry heavy books.

Preserve and Archive

Archive Everything.(books,documents,business/
greetiong cards, photos,etc.)Digitize and preserve forever.


Find the desired words or page instantly.
Utilize our scanning technology for your study,
research and business.

Organize and Save Space

No more clutter. Save your bookshelf space
and create your perfect online cabinet.


Scan and Digitize your books for as little as 1 dollar.

Fine Tune.

Fine Tune is Free For all 1DollarScan Users

Fine Tune is the patented technology that 1dollarscan provides for free to all users in order to optimize user experince for each of their devices: iPhone and iPad, Kindle, Nook etc. compressed, reducing it in size, and it will be optimized for the device of your choosing. Also you will not lose the original file after your Fine Tune is requested.

Below are some samples from various devices using Fine Tune and 1DollarScan's service compared to DIY scanning.

iPad PDF After Fine Tune


  • Maximum 16 times faster than a normal PDF
  • Compression
  • Resolution Optimization
  • Character Optimization


Here you will find more information about 1DollarScan and Tips about using our services.

Basic Tips

Some basic info when using our service.

Amazon Direct

Tips about ordering from Amazon and links to popular online bookstores.

Angle Correction

See why the angle is sometimes crooked and it can be fixed.

Interviews and Testimonials

Dr.Michael Lissack

Dr.Michael Lissack has divese experience in finance and has created an online library for researcheres and the public. He has also written several books.

Dr.AndreW Morriss

Dr.Andrew Morriss teaches at the University of Alabama School of Law and has contributes his experience all over the world.

Marguerite Darlington

Marguerite Darlington is an author and a versatile writer in several industries. She also runs an interesting website about new technology.

Ayman Abdel-Rahman

Ayman Abdel-Rahman helped create a self-publishing tool called BookBake and talks about the ebook market overseas.

John Zuckerman

Mr. John Zuckerman is the Vice President of Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, the largest auction house for rare stamps and postal history.

Ana Mardoll

Ana Mardoll is an author with a very interesting story herself. She shares the motivation for her writing and why she uses 1DollarScan.

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