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We CANNOT scan the publisher’s books which are listed at the link.
Please check this link BEFORE you ship.

Why would you use our service to make your books digital?

Always Available

Transform your books and documents so that you can access them anytime, anywhere. No more need to carry heavy books.

Archive and Save Space

No more clutter. Save your bookshelf space and create your perfect online cabinet.

Converting many formats

Converting scanned data to epub, etc.


Fine Tune is FREE For
All 1DollarScan Users

Fine Tune is the patented technology that 1dollarscan provides for free to all users in order to optimize user experince for each of their devices: iPhone and iPad, Kindle, Nook etc. compressed, reducing it in size, and it will be optimized for the device of your choosing. Also you will not lose the original file after your Fine Tune is requested.

Below are some samples from various devices using Fine Tune and 1DollarScan's service compared to DIY scanning.

iPad PDF After Fine Tune


  • Maximum 16 times faster than a normal PDF
  • Compression
  • Resolution Optimization
  • Character Optimization


Interviews and

Dr.Michael Lissack

Dr.Michael Lissack has divese experience in finance and has created an online library for researcheres and the public. He has also written several books.

Dr.AndreW Morriss

Dr.Andrew Morriss teaches at the University of Alabama School of Law and has contributes his experience all over the world.

Marguerite Darlington

Marguerite Darlington is an author and a versatile writer in several industries. She also runs an interesting website about new technology.

Ayman Abdel-Rahman

Ayman Abdel-Rahman helped create a self-publishing tool called BookBake and talks about the ebook market overseas.


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